The USA Insurance Network® is a comprehensive and multifaceted web-based platform that integrates the core component elements of the insurance industry (consumers, independent agencies and specialty insurance providers – SMPs) into a coherent tool that effectively and efficiently promotes communication among the segments, identifies and defines both standard market products (home, life, auto) and the burgeoning markets associated with specialized risk categories.  While other sites and individual companies may focus upon one segment of the user triad or insurance product inventory, we believe the USA Insurance Network® is the only site that combines all of the component elements.

Easy to understand

The platform, described in detail in the attached Overview/Prospectus materials, is designed to provide the insurance buyer and independent agent with detailed, but not overly technical, descriptions developed by the sponsoring SMP of the types of insurance coverage available for identified risks.  These are currently arranged into approximately 70 Categories or Galleries, and reference over 700 individual coverages.  While the Category/Gallery designations follow in large part the industry-standard established by our cooperating affiliate, Rough Notes Insurance Marketplace, we are not constrained by pre-determined classifications, and encourage our SMPs to create their own designations as appropriate.  Although seemingly infinite, we are targeting our growth to approximately 100 active Category galleries, augmented by select individual coverages with unique niche markets.

The Consumer Website

The Consumer Website ( provides the user with a national agency locator function for all registered USA Insurance Network® agencies, currently about 400 and projected to grow to approximately 3,200 in 2the coming years.  The users may search by geographic location and are not automatically routed to their closest agency since their needs may be physically located in a different geographical region than their home or office.  This can be a problem with other sites that utilize a predetermined zip=based referral function.  When a potential customer has identified a specific risk or category of risks, they utilize the automated agency contact tool and are taken to that agency’s home page for follow-up.

Specialty Coverage Landing Page for Agencies

Another critical link between consumer and agency is the Specialty Coverages Landing Page which allows prospects who visit the agencies’ website independently of our consumer platform to explore the 70 specialty categories featured.  It is updated automatically with current coverage information as provided by the sponsoring SMP for that category.  Users access the information through a navigation item on the agency’s homepage designated as “Specialty Insurance” or a similar descriptive.

This website…

… is designed to address the needs of the agency and SMP.  Upon registration, each receives an individualized credentials to access their information allowing them to update and expand as necessary.  The critical components include overviews of each constituency that provide a summary of the site’s potential and functionality, FAQs and, most importantly, the Product Knowledge Center (PKC) and Marketing Dashboard (MD).

The PKC is the core communication tool for SMP information.  It will contain content developed by the SMP that describes its coverages, provides marketing materials for agencies related to those coverages, and permits the agency to request on-line quotes (if available) or make direct inquiry on specific coverage requests.  If a new agency for that provider, they may also submit the requisite documentation and applications for agency status.

The MD is a more general information tool, focusing upon marketing techniques, industry trends and a weekly newsletter designed specifically for USA Insurance Network® participants.


USA Insurance Network® Founder

George Nordhaus is the Founder and Chairman of the innovative USA Insurance Network®.  George has decades of experience in the insurance industry, is a widely published author and popular speaker. He is perhaps the most well known marketing expert in our business.

With over 40 years of hands-on experience, George is a legend in the insurance community. The former EVP of the Insurors of Tennessee and the Indiana Association of Insurance Agents, George also formed the insurance education publishing firm Insurors Press located in Los Angeles.

Insurors Press was the publisher for the IIABA (Independent Insurance Agents’ Association), publishing examination manuals for licensing in twenty-five states. After becoming the number one provider of insurance newsletters for agencies, it eventually rebranded as Insurance Marketing and Management Services and expanded into marketing activities while continuing to publish books and manuals on marketing. IMMS remains the largest repository of marketing and management information on the Web for insurance agencies.

George has produced hundreds of seminars and conferences on marketing and management, and as a convention speaker, he has made over 2000 appearances before audiences in every U.S. state, in the Canadian provinces, and in Europe. His articles have appeared in every major insurance trade press publication.

In 2007, George moved from Los Angeles to Santa Fe, New Mexico. He created Agencies Online, which functions as a marketing organization for some of the larger agencies in the U.S. Then, in 2016, George's new idea of coordinating Specialty Market Providers' marketing activities with those of agencies, including having specialty products sold directly from agency websites, became USA Insurance Network®, already recognized as the leading organization in the industry break-through marketing movement. 

In 1982, he became the youngest non-British Name at Lloyd’s of London and was later appointed Chairman of the Lloyd’s Members Association for Southern California, Arizona, and New Mexico. The Boston Insurance Board named George Insurance Person of the Year, and he received the Golden Torch Award, which is presented annually to an outstanding communicator in the insurance industry.

George Nordhaus

"George Nordhaus is an iconic figure for insurance agents and carrier marketing personnel everywhere. He is responsible for helping advance agency automation and insurance marketing into the 21st Century.  He has an untiring work ethic and an optimistic spirit that has propelled him to the top. His characteristic humility masks a strong intellectual curiosity that has kept him current with automation trends and maintained his relevance in this fast paced technological era."   

-  James Clark Mitchell,  Special Projects at SecureRisk / Shared Agency Services, LLC

“George is like the EverReady bunny of our industry - always on the go with something newer, better and innovative! Agencies Online is no exception.  I've had the pleasure of knowing and working with George over the years and respect him immensely.”

- Sara Bradshaw Ray, CIC, Synergy Strategist | Agency Maximization Coach