George Nordhaus is the Founder and Chairman of the innovative USA Insurance Network.  George has decades of experience in the insurance industry, is a widely published author and popular speaker. He is perhaps the most well known marketing expert in our business.

With over 40 years of hands-on experience, George is a legend in the insurance community. The former EVP of the Insurors of Tennessee and the Indiana Association of Insurance Agents, George also formed the insurance education publishing firm Insurors Press located in Los Angeles.

Insurors Press was the publisher for the IIABA (Independent Insurance Agents’ Association), publishing examination manuals for licensing in twenty-five states. After becoming the number one provider of insurance newsletters for agencies, it eventually rebranded as Insurance Marketing and Management Services and expanded into marketing activities while continuing to publish books and manuals on marketing. IMMS remains the largest repository of marketing and management information on the Web for insurance agencies.

George has produced hundreds of seminars and conferences on marketing and management, and as a convention speaker, he has made over 2000 appearances before audiences in every U.S. state, in the Canadian provinces, and in Europe. His articles have appeared in every major insurance trade press publication.

In 2007, George moved from Los Angeles to Santa Fe, New Mexico. He created Agencies Online, which functions as a marketing organization for some of the larger agencies in the U.S. Then, in 2016, George's new idea of coordinating Specialty Market Providers' marketing activities with those of agencies, including having specialty products sold directly from agency websites, became USA Insurance Network®, already recognized as the leading organization in the industry break-through marketing movement. 

In 1982, he became the youngest non-British Name at Lloyd’s of London and was later appointed Chairman of the Lloyd’s Members Association for Southern California, Arizona, and New Mexico. The Boston Insurance Board named George Insurance Person of the Year, and he received the Golden Torch Award, which is presented annually to an outstanding communicator in the insurance industry.

George Nordhaus

"George Nordhaus is an iconic figure for insurance agents and carrier marketing personnel everywhere. He is responsible for helping advance agency automation and insurance marketing into the 21st Century.  He has an untiring work ethic and an optimistic spirit that has propelled him to the top. His characteristic humility masks a strong intellectual curiosity that has kept him current with automation trends and maintained his relevance in this fast paced technological era."   

-  James Clark Mitchell,  Special Projects at SecureRisk / Shared Agency Services, LLC

“George is like the EverReady bunny of our industry - always on the go with something newer, better and innovative! Agencies Online is no exception.  I've had the pleasure of knowing and working with George over the years and respect him immensely.”

- Sara Bradshaw Ray, CIC, Synergy Strategist | Agency Maximization Coach

"We've recently renewed our contract with Agencies Online to continue managing our website. Agencies Online and George are MUCH more than a website company. They are a marketing agency that continuously comes up with new ways to reach out to our clients and prospects. It really frees me up to manage other aspects of my business while George and his crew do what they do!"

- Tommy Dies, MBA, Bryan Insurance Agency

George has helped build AgenciesOnline into a powerhouse of a web based service for insurance agents! His company has developed tools to help insurance agents market to people in the way people WANT to be marketed to electronically. 

Their approach is geared to enhancing the traditional tools agencies use to communicate with clients and expanding them to enhance many new facets of client contact. Their sites incorporate the new tools in ways which are easy to use, affordable and reliable. 

Their service is a new "suite" of options for agents to capitalize on in the age of social media. They incorporate the new without compromising the traditional tools we all have used for years. George is a reliable friend and ally and I strongly recommend him and his product for my own clients! 

- Howard Candage, CPCU, CIC, CRM Insurance Agency Consultant