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ISU Insure Champaign offers more than 700 insurance products over and above the coverages sold by most independent agencies.

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Xray/Medical Imaging Centers

Xray/Medical Imaging Centers
If you own part of an imaging center, you may be exposed to malpractice insurance claims made against your physician liability insurance policy. It is important to provide a separate limit of insurance to cover your imaging center, providing a separate malpractice insurance policy to cover each risk element of your practice . Inadvertently many physicians assume that their medical malpractice insurance policies will cover this added exposure. Imaging centers need the protection of a strong and reputable medical malpractice insurance policy. The insurance company should also have a strong risk management program, including site visits and phone consultations designed to take measures to eliminate possible problems before they can result in claims. It is vital to make sure the malpractice insurance policy covers all of the exposures for the imaging center. Most MRI or x-ray clinics are unsure of what to look for when acquiring medical malpractice insurance.  Malpractice insurance needs to cover the particular services offered by the imaging center - including MRI and X-ray exposure, as well as their associated physicians. This explanation of insurance benefits is provided by Insurance Marketplace.

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The 58th Edition of The Insurance Marketplace by Rough Notes contains more than 700 coverages, programs, and service industry categories and is the most widely used directory in our industry for locating Specialty Market Providers. 

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Specialty insurance coverages and programs are offered by independent agencies that market/sell those insurance products. These coverages come from companies known as "Specialty Market Providers" or "SMPs" and are represented by ISU Insure Champaign.