How can we measure a return on our investment?

Our reporting platform, Analytics, gives extensive insight into how our consumer site is performing.  With Analytics, we offer a clear picture of visitors and their behavior through visual reports on statistics like page views, conversions, sales, referrers, and popular content.  Our sponsoring providers receive unique credentials for direct access to the Analytics dashboard which details site performance.

The metrics available also identify areas for potential growth when a search leads to no results or when a user completes a location notification request form because there is no available agency in their area.

Our agency locator map also provides its own unique set of real time metrics so that sponsoring providers can always be in the know.  A few examples are which agencies locations receive the most clicks, which agency websites receive the most attention, and which could benefit from additional promotion.

Our Analytics Overview may be referenced for further details regarding the performance insights offered through these metrics reporting platforms.  

Your company's internal sales tracking can be set up to identify which coverages you sell come from network agencies.  Since the actual sales contracts happen outside of our platform, your sales activity is not available to network agencies, other sponsoring providers, or us.