USA Insurance Network® is a revolutionary platform
connecting providers of specialty products with independent insurance agencies and consumers nationwide.

We offer specialty lines providers and independent agencies a brand new way to market specialty coverages online - directly on our agency websites.  As the fastest growing sector in the insurance market, specialty coverages are increasingly being demanded by consumers. We place you and your brand center stage.

Each of our agency's websites receives an integrated landing page that highlights 70 specialty insurance categories for consumers to shop.  We invite providers to subscribe annually to promote branded content on the landing page for the specialty coverages of your choice. 

Our newly-launched consumer site also provides a comprehensive compendium of over 600 specialty coverages grouped into galleries based on industry.  Specialty providers may sponsor a gallery featuring a range of coverages such as Aviation, Equine, or Cyber.  

The website targets the broadest possible spectrum of consumers through relational narratives, symbol-based imagery, and inviting text effects and animations.  It also offers parallax scrolling and mobile-responsive design which may be viewed to full effect on any device.

The site not only acclaims our network agencies but generates measurable leads from click-throughs to them.  Our one-of-a-kind, custom-styled agency locator map entices visitors to explore beyond the bounds of the ordinary and guides them to their local network agency through location-based search function.

Get Your Ticket

Specialty market connections and resources are vital
to accessibility for agencies and consumers.

Let us bring you together.

Although specialty insurance coverages represent the fastest growing sector in the market, few independent agencies have the connections, knowledge, and marketing tools necessary to make sales on a large scale.

The USA Insurance Network® bridges the gap by offering the brand awareness, products, credibility, education, and marketing know-how to sell specialty coverages more successfully.  By growing the business base of both specialty providers and agencies, our network serves to cultivate the evolution of the specialty coverages sector.

Choose Your Categories

Develop a loyal following and broaden your client base
by sponsoring specialty coverages.

Specialty providers are invited to sponsor categories of coverages with a membership in our network.  Your membership allows you to market coverage-specific, branded content directly on the landing page.  Only one provider may sponsor each coverage becoming its exclusive ambassador. 

The landing page is agency branded, mobile optimized, maintenance free, and updated in real time as new sponsors come aboard and new coverages become available.  It makes sales simple by directing visitors to their local network agency for follow up.  

As the sole featured provider for your sponsored coverages, your brand makes the first initial impact on consumers and agencies alike.  Brand awareness means consumers will be able to name their preferred provider in a way they never could before and will have confidence that their agency has the connections and knowledge to serve them well.   Your branding also lends credibility to the agencies who will look to you first when making a sale.

Check out the landing page to browse categories available for sponsorship.  If you don't see a category that suits your needs, you can always name your own.

Below is a screenshot of the Cyber Liability category entry sponsored by ProWriters.

cyber liability screenshot


Fine Arts Specialty Coverage


Curate Your Content

Pilot your specialty coverages marketing campaign
in the right direction.

As a sponsor, you will control your message.  Just provide us with a video or pdf presentation highlighting the benefits of your coverages, and we add your content to our consumer site and the integrated landing page, published to every agency website in the network. With each coverage presentation, visitors are given the option to follow up with their local network agency.  Choose content that will best attract prospects and motivate visitors to take action.

Not sure what to use? Let our team curate the content on your behalf - or collaborate to create custom content to showcase your coverages.

Get on Board

Reserve your exclusive coverages
to receive top billing on our agency websites nationwide.

Below you may link to a few of our agencies that have already successfully incorporated the free landing page.


Lend A Hand

Empower agencies and boost your sales
by contributing branded content to our Product Knowledge Center.

In addition to our innovative system of networking, we provide a platform for SMPs to contribute their branded content to our Product Knowledge Center. Designed to teach agencies about the virtually limitless market of specialty coverages, it is the largest online educational hub of specialty products in the nation. Our network agencies may research coverages, get quotes, link to sponsors' websites, and even complete applications. As a sponsor, you gain influence with agencies through providing educational materials about your selected specialty products.

Improve agency insights and salesmanship
by supporting education on our Marketing Dashboard.

Our network features the largest array of specialty insurance products online. Our agencies want to break into this market and we provide them with the tools to do so.   Meet our Marketing Dashboard - the ever expanding online guide to insurance marketing produced by some of the most well known and prolific experts in the field.  It contains marketing strategies, newsletters, hundreds of videos and other tools designed to promote sales and agency growth.  This impressive compilation of insurance marketing materials is reserved exclusively for our agencies.

Go the Extra Mile

Expand your brand and maximize your marketing budget by reaching agencies and consumers simultaneously.

Rapidly growing with over 400 agencies, we project to have several thousand enrolled within a year. Once registered, the agency location and contact information is pinned on our network map so that it may be easily located via the specialty coverages consumer site.  Click on a numbered cluster below to populate agencies in that particular region.



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Enjoy These Benefits

Exclusive Rights to Sponsored Categories

Only one provider may sponsor each category. With your annual sponsorship, you become the exclusive sponsor of your selected categories. This is the marketing edge that puts you ahead of the curve. As an early adopter, you have the opportunity to reserve the most highly sought after categories before the competition.

Control Over Your Content

You decide what to show your visitors about your categories - videos, a pdf of coverage highlights, information from your website, descriptions of ancillary coverages within the category, a link to your website - your call. 

Receipt of Quarterly Metrics

The USA Insurance Network® will track consumer and agency product searches to help providers pinpoint and evaluate the effectiveness of specific marketing efforts, determine under-performing regions which may require additional outreach, and similar standard analytics.

Master Contact List

Sponsors are provided with a list of contact information for all registered network agencies. As additional agencies register for their territories, sponsors will receive monthly updates on additions and potential acquisitions or status changes of these agencies.

Webinar Hosting

The USA Insurance Network® will sponsor and promote webinars and/or videos for our providers and share them with network agencies and our 13,000 strong LinkedIn audience on a quarterly basis.

Weekly Newsletter

Once your coverages are sponsored and your content is published on our agency websites, an issue of our weekly newsletter will be devoted to featuring your brand. Live links to the specialty coverages landing page will introduce independent agencies to your products and help them market these coverages effectively.

Buckle Up

Cost of the various categories and coverages varies with their income-production history and growth potential.

Payments for exclusive category/coverage sponsorship start at $1500 per quarter up to $2500, with discounts given depending on the number of categories involved.

The contract length is for one year and includes the right to renew at the end of each cotract period.

Ride the leading edge.

We believe that the benefits derived from joining our innovative network will offer you an unparalleled marketing tool for your specialty product lines.

To be sure the coverages you want to sponsor stay available, complete the form below or call our marketing department directly at 505.820.6699. You can also visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

Reserve your exclusive coverages before your competition.




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