Liability and physical damage coverage is extremely important to resort owners or operators. Resorts located in areas without public fire protection or in areas that are difficult to reach are particularly difficult to place because of the distance to the fire department, inadequate water supply, high brush hazards, or older buildings. Coastal resorts may have difficulty obtaining coverage for windstorm and flood. Liability exposures are often significant and include swimming pools; beach craft, such as wind surfers, jet skis, parasailing, and personal watercraft; scuba diving; water skiing; trail rides; mountain climbing; and white water rafting. Resorts also have liability exposures from winter activities such as ski trails, tows and lifts, toboggan runs, and snowmobiles. Many resorts also have exercise facilities, specialized concierge services, and significant liquor liability exposures from restaurants and bars on the premises. This explanation of insurance benefits is provided by Insurance Marketplace.